Lars Buur

The picture was taken during 3 months sailing in the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia in April 2014.

I am an software professional with 20 years’ experience of software engineering, web programming and consulting.

I have built two companies that made a difference and helped hundreds of companies, ranging from top 100 US companies to one-person shops just starting out.

In late 1996, I founded Snabel & Co in Copenhagen.

We were a “normal” web agency and we built static and dynamic web pages for huge Danish companies and institutions. We quickly decided to build a back-end system to enable editors to maintain the content on their websites. This later became known as a CMS. We built a product called “Site In A Box” and it was the first CMS in Denmark.

Read the wayback machine: and Umbraco history pages

I sold Snabel & Co in 1999 due to some irreconcilable differences with the investors.

In 2003, I founded Chainbox ApS, also in Copenhagen.

Our main focus, from the start, was to build an ecommerce platform entirely driven by ERP data, using close to live data. This meant our customers only needed to focus on maintaining their pricing structures, the data about their products, inventory data, etc., and everything was in one place and automatic. Ecommerce orders were written back to the ERP system. After 10 years, I sold my shares to my business partner.

Read the current homepage of Chainbox ApS.

In Marts 2015 I founded Cocoa Invest together with Omar Shaikh.

COCOA is an Anglo-Danish online investment service that provides intelligent diversified portfolios that are cost effective, transparent and simple to access for retail investors.

Our goal is to offer an alternative to the traditional wealth management service that will provide our clients with complete peace of mind. Through our mobile and online applications we can help investors get a personalized goal orientated portfolio set up in a matter of minutes. Users can instantly review their portfolio, top up, transfer or withdraw funds whenever they like with no lock-ins or penalties.

At the core of our service are the five COCOA funds that use cost efficient Exchange Traded Funds to gain exposure across a broad range of asset classes. The funds all have a unique risk profile and are regularly rebalanced to keep them on track and are designed to conservatively build wealth over time.

We believe from our offices in Copenhagen we have built an intuitive service that is an example of how investing should be. We are proud to challenge an industry that has often put its own profit margins before customer’s needs. Most of all we are looking forward to helping people get one step closer to their financial goals.

In August 2015 I became a partner i BandCizer ApS

The BandCizer sensor can be attached to an elastic training band which is used as the primary exercises in northern europe in rehabilitation. We can provide training and compliance data to the physiotherapist monitoring the patients. Now the physiotherapist knows if the patient is following the program set out - and the improvements made.

Contact details: lars(x), skype to larsbuur or call me on +45 2093 2211

My current favourite pieces of technology/product/stack are: Meteor.js, node.js, MongoDB, stripeand semantic-ui.

Together with Morten, I organise Meetup events about meteor.js in Copenhagen. You should join us :-)

I am married to Inge. I am an avid fisherman, yacht master and dive master, and I have lately rediscovered golf.